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Learn YouTube Basics (Tips for Getting Started) Carnivore Diet Style

Embarking on your YouTube journey but feeling a bit lost? Worry not! Join YouTube aficionados Kerry (@Homesteadhow), Rod (@StayStrong_LiveLong), and Adam (@CarnivoreToday) as they unravel the secrets to kickstarting a successful YouTube channel. From lighting to sound, we’ve got you covered with the best tips and product recommendations to set you up for success.

Essential Gear for Your YouTube Setup

Starting a YouTube channel involves more than just a good camera. Here, we break down the essential gear you’ll need to create professional-quality videos:

  • Sound
    • Microphone: Ensure clear audio with a high-quality Lavalier Mic (Amazon affiliate link).

  • Software
    • Phone Control App: Gain manual control over your phone using your computer with the Camo app available on Google Play.

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