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Carnivore Diet Health: Live Q&A with Kerry of HomesteadHow & Adam of Carnivore Today

In our recent interview, we had the pleasure of chatting with Kerry, the dynamic personality behind the HomesteadHow YouTube channel. This channel chronicles the inspiring transition of a family of six from the hectic city life to a serene existence on a sprawling 20-acre homestead.

Kerry, a man of many talents, not only operates a small-town movie theater but is also deeply committed to promoting carnivore diet health. He is currently at the helm of a pioneering project, directing and producing a documentary that aims to shed new light on the health benefits of the carnivore diet, promising to make a significant impact globally.

Connect with Kerry:

Kerry is a treasure trove of information on carnivore diet health, consistently releasing captivating videos that explore the myriad benefits of this lifestyle. He shares invaluable tips for those keen on embarking on this health journey, alongside a fascinating series of homesteading videos that depict their self-sustaining lifestyle.

Join us in this enlightening interview as we delve into the world of carnivore diet health with Kerry, and eagerly anticipate the groundbreaking documentary that is poised to change the narrative and offer a fresh perspective on this dietary approach.

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